Trick or Treat Slots

Trick or Treat Slots is one of those games with a classic set-up that does its best to provide its players with every possible comfort under the circumstances, including an imposing image of a creepy old witch, brandishing her broom on the background of a giant castle, the full moon, the crystal-clear night and lots of bats.

The gameplay involves 3 reels and a single payline. Coin sizes can be as low as 10 cents and as large as 10 dollars. The maximum number of coins with which a spin can be entered is 3. The paytable of the game offers 6 symbols and most of their combinations offer payouts for the cases of 1 and 2 bet coins. When 3 coins are bet, all of the game’s bonus features as well as its biggest payout amount become available.

Lots of Big Prizes in the Paytable of the Witch

At the bottom of the paytable is the candy symbol. One of it in a winning combination offers 2 credits and 4 credits for 1 and 2 bet coins respectively. Any two of the candy symbols in a combination pay 5 credits when 1 coin is bet and 10 credits when 2 coins are bet. Any three of the BAR symbols bring the same payouts.

The triple candy combination and the triple single BAR combination both award 10 credit for the case of the first bet coin and 20 credits for the case of the second bet coin. 3 of the double BAR symbols grant 25 credits when 1 coin is bet and 50 credits when 2 coins are bet. Three of the triple BAR symbols give 40 credits for 1 bet coin and 80 credits for 2 bet coins.

The tombstone symbol’s triple combination provides players with 80 credits when 1 coin is bet and 160 credits when 2 coins are bet. The highest paying symbol of the game is the witch. Its payouts are bigger than those of the rest of the symbols on the paytable combined. Its triple combination delivers 800 credits for 1 bet coin, 1600 credits for 2 bet coins and 2400 credits for 3 bet coins.

Get Wilds, Pick Lanterns and Earn Big Prizes

The wild symbol is the witch. It can replace the rest of the symbols in the game in order to create winning combinations and when it does, the resulting payouts will be doubled. If 2 wild symbols complete a combination, the earnings will be multiplied by 4. There is also Jack-O-Lantern symbol, which is not only a fine addition to the Halloween theme of the game but also activates its bonus feature when 3 coins are bet.

1 or 2 candy symbols appearing alongside the bonus symbol when 3 coins are bet will award both the payouts of the candy combinations and the bonus round. As far as the bonus feature is concerned, its screen will present the player with 9 Jack-O-Lanterns. Gamblers will get up to 3 chances to choose one of the Lanterns and accept the prize that comes with the pick.

Trick or Treat can likely end up being more profitable and even enjoyable than the world-famous celebration its theme is based on especially for passionate gamblers who go for classic slot games, capable of delivering great prizes and profitable features.