Monte Magic Slots

A small and modest slot, Monte Magic Slots has a colorful but very simply realized theme concerning magicians, magic tricks, magic wands and bunnies being taken out of hats. If you are lucky enough, perhaps you will end up pulling plenty of money out of the magician's bag by the time the reels have spun for the last time. The game has three reels and a single payline. The maximum number of coins that can be bet is three. The maximum bet is 30 dollars. Coin denomination starts at 1 cent and goes as high as 10 dollars. Despite its small set up, Monte Magic offers a wild symbol and even throws a bonus game in the mix.

Magician's Best Tricks

The most important tool for the magic trick-The Black Hat is the game's wild. It has the ability to replace the rest of the symbols in the game and every time it completes a winning combination, the payout of it will be increased two times. If two wilds participate in the completion of a combination, the payout will increase four times. Three wilds on the reel will deliver the jackpot award of the game and if you throw in the maximum number of coins, as well as the maximum total bet, the biggest prize possible can go as high as 24,000 dollars. The bonus game can be activated when the bonus game arrives on reel 3. The other condition for the bonus to be started is that the player needs to enter the spin with the maximum amount of bet coins. When the bonus screen shows up, the player will see a number of cards with money prizes shown over each and every one. Then the numbers will fade away and the cards will get mixed up. The gambler will then have to choose three cards. As soon as you pick one, the dollar amount will reappear over it. This means that it is a good idea for you to quickly find the biggest amount and then follow the card as it gets mixed. If you lose track of the targeted sum, you shouldn't feel bad but this is a terrific chance for any gambler. What other game offers you the chance to select your own prize from start to the end?

Magician's Paytable

As far as the paytable is concerned, most symbols have winning combinations for 1 and 2 bet coins and not for the third bet coin. The third one, however opens the players' door to all the best offers in the game, such as the game's jackpot of 2400 coins, which can be awarded after the acquiring of three magic hats on the reels. For two coins, the triple magic hat combination pays 1600 and for a single one-800. Next up is the rabbit symbol, the triple combination of which pays 80 and 160 coins. Monte Magic Slots has three star symbols-a triple star one, a double star one and a single star one. The triple star triple combination pays 40 coins per a bet coin. The double one delivers 25 per a bet coin. The single one grants 10 per a coin. The symbol that is all together placed lowest on the paytable is the hand, dressed in white glove, holding the magic wand. Its triple combination pays 10 coin per a bet coin, just like the single star.

Monte Magic won't quite make you question whether or not magic is real but it will definitely elevate your expectations in terms of gameplay and big prizes when it comes down to slots, which are set up in a classical but minimal way.