Go For Gold Slots

Go For Gold Slots
A game with a classic set-up and an Olympic games theme, Go for Gold Slots’ background combines red, yellow and green to transmit the passion of an Olympic competitor to the gambler. The title is surrounded by the trademark fire torch on one side and a gold medalist on the other. The game offers 3 reels and a single payline. Coin sizes vary from 0.1 credit to 10 credits. The maximum number of bet coins for a spin is 3. That makes the maximum possible bet for a single spin 30 credits. Apart from the profitable paytable, gamblers will be able to make the best out of a wild symbol and a bonus feature.

The Olympic Paytable Will Inspire You to be the Best

There are 3 bet cases in the game and the 6 symbols have combinations and payouts for the cases of 1 bet coin and 2 bet coins. The case of 3 bet coins makes the triple combination of the best paying symbol available and it also grants access to the bonus features of the game. The lowest paying symbol is the golden trophy. A single trophy offers 2 and 4 coins for the 2 bet cases. 2 trophies pay 5 and 10 coins for 1 and 2 bet credits respectively. The same payouts are granted by the combination of any 3 BAR-type symbols. The triple trophy combination pays 10 coins for 1 bet credit and 20 coins for 2 bet credits. The same prizes are granted by the triple single BAR combination.

The triple double BAR combination gives 25 and 50 coins for 1 and 2 bet credits respectively. 3 of the triple BAR symbols bring 40 coins for the case of the first bet coin and 80 coins for the case of the second bet coin. 3 of the golden medal symbol provide players with 80 and 160 coins for the 2 bet cases. The best paying symbol of the game is the wild, depicting the gold-winning athlete. Its triple combination delivers 800 coins for the case of 1 bet credit, 1600 coins for the case of 2 bet credits and the game’s top prize of 2400 coins for the case of 3 bet credits.

Gold-Winning Features

The wild has the ability to replace the rest of the symbols in the game in order to form combinations. When a combination is created with the help of the wild, the payout of it is doubled. 2 wilds forming a combination increases the payout of it 4 times. The bonus symbol of the game can activate the game’s bonus feature when it shows up on the reels and 3 credits are bet.

Go for Gold Slots is a classic game with an ambitious theme and symbols that are capable of delivering both huge prizes and exceptionally generous features.