Double Header Slots

Double Header Slots
And while we’re talking about it, what on earth is a double header anyway? You’re going to find out more as we take you through our review of this slot game today. Double Header immediately reveals its theme as it takes us to a baseball field, complete with a crowd of spectators and many other features. Shall we pay a visit ourselves?

Which game studio does this one come from?

This is another slot in the most recent collection of games from WGS. If those letters aren’t familiar, the name Wager Gaming will be.

Try your ball skills in the demo game

You can easily load the demo if you want to find out how the game looks, works, and plays before you get underway.

We’ve already revealed the theme

The game does that with a baseball player appearing on the loading screen. You can then see the field and the crowds under a night sky on the ‘enter’ screen. All cool so far.

A spotlight on the design

The design for Double Header is awesome. You get another view of the field from a higher vantage point. Five spotlights shine down, and each one of those highlights a reel. While there are no 3D graphics in action here, the slot game does have an impressive look and feel about it for sure.

How to play the Double Header slot game

We’ve already revealed the presence of five reels, but each of those shows you three symbols. We looked for a progressive jackpot and came up empty on that score.

The pitcher is wild for the game, replacing everything else that might spin into view apart from the scatter. And it looks like you get three of those… The catcher and umpire appear on the same icon surrounded by a green border. The blue foam hand is surrounded by a yellow border – this is the second scatter. The final scatter is a woman in a baseball cap with a blue border. She only appears on reels one, three, and five, but it looks like the others can appear anywhere.

How many paylines can you bet on?

It looks like there are just 10 lines in this game.

How much does it cost to play?

The coins start at one cent each, increasing to a maximum of $5, so it is the usual range for WGS games.

Where is the paytable?

This is at the bottom of the screen, over toward the right. Look for the spin button and you’ll see it to the right of that.

Bonus features in Double Header

If you find three scattered catcher and umpire scatters falling on the odd-numbered reels of the game, you’ll receive a Strikeout K symbol. You collect these at the top of the screen, with up to eight required before going through to the Strike Out Bonus feature.

You’ll trigger this Strikeout feature by finding three of the bonus women in the baseball cap icons on the reels. If you haven’t earned eight K icons by then, you’ll receive another one upon entering the bonus feature. You then choose how to pitch the ball to the waiting batter. You need a strike to score a prize or to double up on a prize you already have if you’ve managed to get one. If you get a ball, you don; win anything but you’ll stay in the bonus round for another go. A hit or home run leads to exiting the game empty-handed.

This feature is hard to explain, but you’ll get the idea if you can trigger it while you play the demo game. It’s one of those occasions where you’ll learn a lot about it by playing the practice version until you unlock the bonus. It’s all about using your collected K symbols to spend in the bonus round. This gives you a chance to go for a double or nothing attempt in the bonus round if you’ve got a prize. Beware though, as it is an easy way to lose out on a prize.

Finally, the Double Header game includes an Opti-Nudge feature if the batter turns up on reel four. This allows you to nudge either the second or fourth reel up or down to see if it triggers a winning combination. This possibility only happens when no other prizes land anywhere on the same spin the batter appears in.

Free spins in Double Header slots

Find three of the blue hand logos anywhere in view and you’ll receive five free spins. This increases to either 10 or 15 spins for four or five of the foam hand logos.

RTP not advertised

The figure doesn’t appear anywhere on the screen for this game.

Our rating for Double Header

This is surely worth 9/10 as there is such a lot involved. It is certainly wise to play the demo first because there is no way you’ll fully understand how everything works if you launch straight into it. The game is a delight to play though, even for non-baseball fans!

What’s the most you could win in the game?

The highest-paying symbol is the wild pitcher, paying out up to 2,500x your bet. You’d need five on a paid line to receive this.

Play the demo version to find out more

Double Header certainly manages to shoehorn plenty of features into this game. We liked it a lot and checking out the demo is the best way to see what you think too.

Play for real at Wager Gaming casinos today

There are a couple of recommended casinos to find this game at, along with many others from the same game studio.

Mobile play available too

You’ll also be able to get that baseball vibe on Android and iOS.